As a resident or citizen of a European Union Member State, you have certain rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, and we have certain obligations to you.

Processing of Personal Data

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and any other agreement, consent and/or disclosure signed by or agreed to by a User, we collect certain personal information about you with your informed consent for the purposes of providing, improving and bettering our Services. As our services are personally catered to each individual, such personal information is necessary for the provision of our services. Further, upon your consent or such other legal basis which we have under the GDPR, we may share such information with our third party partners so that they may provide you with other products, services or offerings that you may be offered by, or request from, them.

Data that we collect about you will be processed, and decisions made about the specific meals that we offer to you as a part of our Services based upon your personal information. It Is not possible for us to provide our Services without such personal information.

Details regarding the data that we collect, and process is described in greater detail in the above-referenced documents. All actions that we take are done in accordance with the express consent granted by the owner of such data, legitimate purposes or other legal grounds allowing us to do so. Lighter is committed to compliance with applicable law including the GDPR. Any provision of our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use or other agreements or policies, to the extent same would conflict with or be inconsistent with any rights granted to individuals under the GDPR where such individual is a user or provider, will be deemed to be amended to comply with the requirements of the GDPR (but same shall not otherwise affect the validity, effectiveness of, or out ability to enforce, any agreement or policy).

This Addendum applies only to those individuals who are in the European Union or who are citizens of same (with residential addresses in the European Union). If the GDPR does not apply to you, you have no additional rights under this Addendum or GDPR.

Individual Rights

Those individuals whose data we collect are afforded certain rights in accordance with the GDPR. Those rights include but may not be limited to the following:

  • Right to access their data and correct any information in our possession that may be incorrect or incomplete.
  • Right to have their data in our possession and under our control erased; though the erasure of certain data may make it impossible for us to provide our Services.
  • Right to restrict or suspend processing of personal data; though such restrictions or suspensions may make it impossible for us to provide our Services.
  • Right to contact a supervisory authority of an EU member state regarding any violation by us of the GDPR

Please be advised that any restrictions imposed upon us in the collection or processing of your data may result in making the provision of the Services impossible. Given the nature of the Services provided, it is crucial that we be permitted to retain and process all such data collected, and that any disclosure of information be full and complete. We retain the right to immediately cease all services if restrictions are imposed on our data practices, as the same may make the Services unsafe or limit the effectiveness of any nutrition plan created for you.


If you have any questions regarding our data collection or processing practices, you may contact out Data Protection Officer at: