Do you have a fitness goal to achieve but do not know the workouts to follow to achieve the result you desire? You are not alone. That’s why we made it easier for you to browse different workout plans using gym equipment. It takes more than registering for a gym membership, and getting on the treadmill to achieve your fitness goals. Sure, that would help improve your fitness, but if you want to achieve specific goals, then you need to decide which gym equipment to use.

The Founders

Alex Meyers

Product, Technology, Business Development

Cornell graduate, third time entrepreneur with 6+ years in product management at startups, eBay and Compass. Experience leading engineers and cross functional teams. Creator of myworkouts proprietary structured data and search.

Diego Ricaurte

Design, Fitness Education, Content, Marketing

Cornell Graduate, interactive designer with 9+ years in web and mobile design. NASM certified as a personal trainer and current Master’s Student in USC Annenberg’s Digital Social Media program. Experience designing with team and in-person training with clients.

Our Advisors

Pete Dainty

Senior Director of Shopping Experience Product Management & SEO at eBay

Chris Howell

COO at Performix House

Frank Englund

VP at House of Athlete

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Myworkouts?

Fitness is intimidating. Myworkouts aims to make things accessible and easy.

Myworkouts is the fitness encyclopedia that helps people who want to improve their fitness figure out where to get started so that they can achieve their goals.

Who is Myworkouts made for?

You don’t have to be an athlete to use this app. It is designed for everyone – the beginner to the professional. That’s a guarantee!

Here, we are appealing to people who want to build muscle, lose weight, etc.

How does Myworkouts work?

Instead of asking around to find out what works best for a particular goal, like losing weight or adding muscle, anyone can use our platform to get an ideal workout. We don’t have any vested interest in promoting any one workout or school of thought. We exclusively provide the data so members can make their own decisions.

Myworkouts has a proprietary fitness catalogue of over 900 workouts and over 4000 exercises that use rich structured data to help you find the perfect workout.

In layman’s terms: We have really good data that allows users to get super specific about what they want in an exercise routine and we surface the best results for the individual.

Why did you create Myworkouts?

Alex & Diego are super passionate about fitness. When they got started in fitness, each of them struggled to figure out where to get started and understand what workouts were best for their body and goals.

They created Myworkouts to take the guess-work out of fitness. The team has built an encyclopedia that has trainer-certified content and data that helps users to find personalized fitness plans and content.

We’re the 1-stop shop for anyone who is interested in finding out what to do to get fit as heck.

Who writes the educational content for Myworkouts?

Only on Myworkouts can you get up-to-date fitness education from the experts in the field. You can trust us with your fitness, whether it’s your first time working out or you’re a seasoned veteran. We love to help create a healthier you.

Everything in the Fitness Education section is certified by trainers from Myworkouts. The materials are created from a mix of academic research and top content online. It is thoroughly vetted to only include verified facts in simple-to-understand language.

Where do workouts come from?

What if every great trainer’s workouts were available in one place? What if it was a place where independent trainers could leverage the community and other trainers to increase their reach? Now you know where Myworkouts workout plans come from.

Myworkouts is a mix of the best workouts on the planet.

Our workouts come from a variety of sources: our own experts, the public domain, celebrity trainers and top personal trainers who write for us.

Where do exercises come from?

If you think of exercise programs as recipes, then Myworkouts is an app that gathers thousands of great recipes from professional chefs. You just pick the one that is right for you, and we help you follow it.

The app makes the exercises easy to follow. Training on our platform is consistent and effective. We make exercise simple!

You can search for the exercise you want and see how to do it. The video instructions are generated by certified trainers, so you’ll be doing it correctly every time.

Exercises are created from workout routines that are added to the platform. Myworkouts has certified trainers enter the exercises into our database and tag them with the appropriate data (like muscles and equipment) based on their experience and knowledge.

What makes Myworkouts different from other fitness websites and exercise apps?

Myworkouts is perfect for people who want to achieve their goals quickly without wasting time on blindly guessing.

There are a ton of other digital fitness solutions right now. What makes Myworkouts unique is:

  1. It has the biggest fitness database on the internet
  2. It is evidence-based
  3. It does not give one-size-fits-all recommendations, but rather returns hyper-personalized results

How does Myworkouts make money?

Workouts & fitness are part of our plan to make money. But for now, we will continue to offer free workouts and fitness education.