Bodyweight No Equipment Workouts

Bodyweight No Equipment Workouts

Bodyweight workouts, also known as calisthenics or no equipment workouts, are an extremely convenient way to train your body. You don't need any special equipment to perform bodyweight workouts, and you can do them just about anywhere.

Bodyweight workouts can also offer a safer environment that's great for improving mobility, flexibility, and core strength since you aren’t working with as much weight. 

No equipment workouts with just bodyweight typically involve compound exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and can challenge you mentally as you discover different ways to make exercises more difficult with things other than additional weight, like tempo or different repetition schemas!

Do you know you can build your dream physique without being an active member of a gym? Yeah, you don’t need to suffer through endless reps on the weight bench or dedicate hours to the squat rack. You might be wondering “how is that possible?” Well, you can get fitter, lose fat, and bulk up with some simple bodyweight workout plans. And guess what- All you need is your body.

So the hectic pace of today’s corporate world is not an excuse for not exercising or working towards your fitness goals. We have made it easy for you through our bodyweight workout that you can use to build muscles, improve flexibility, balance, and strength. And the interesting part is that you don’t need any gym machine or equipment.

Our bodyweight workouts are targeted towards all experience levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Moreover, you can use our home workout routine to achieve one or more of your fitness goals.

For example, if your fitness goal is to improve athletic performance, increase stamina, and gain strength, we offer the Core workout for Runners, which helps both females and males, but it is meant for the advanced (3+ years) level of experience. This bodyweight workout adds a series of core exercises to your running routine to help improve your form, prevent injury and increase your pace.

Now you might say, “Can I benefit from these home workouts without equipment even as a beginner?” The simple answer is YES! We also offer several beginner bodyweight workouts that can help you build your dream physique. 

You can build muscle and gain strength as a beginner (1-2 years experience) using the Chris’ Simple Calisthenic Workout. This home workout is a great starting point involving alternating Workout A and Workout B programs. It is completed in two days but there may be a little disparity between minimum and maximum repetitions based on your strength and fitness level.

You can also follow our bodyweight workout plan in the intermediate (2-3 years) level of experience. The “Full bodyweight workout in 10 minutes” program can help you achieve up to four goals including- gain strength, tone body, fat loss, and increase stamina.

So, it doesn’t matter your experience level, you can build admirable, show-stopping muscles by following our bodyweight workout plan. You don’t have to lift heavy weights to build muscles.

When you work with just your bodyweight, it offers many advantages including being able to work out anywhere without lugging gym equipment around with you. You also get a chance to enjoy increased body awareness.  

Remember, in the gym, you might have to wait in long lines for the squat rack or bench press. But you don’t need that for bodyweight workout, and that’s enough reason to switch to bodyweight workout which helps you achieve the same effect you get at the gym.

You can register for our structured bodyweight workout whether you are at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced experience level. We offer programs for anyone who desires to carve a perfect body without the need for any equipment or gym membership.

Make your choice of bodyweight workout today, and let’s help you lose fat, get fitter, and bulk up!