Workouts by Equipment

Workouts by Equipment

One of the factors that will determine what kind of workout you can do is the equipment available to you. 

We’ve organized our workouts by equipment so you can start your workout search based on what equipment you have. 

Whether you're an individual that's looking for barbell workouts, bodyweight workouts, dumbbell workouts, gym machine workouts, kettlebell workouts, or even TRX suspension workouts, we’ve got workouts just for you.

Do you have a fitness goal to achieve but do not know the workouts to follow to achieve the result you desire? You are not alone. That’s why we made it easier for you to browse different workout plans using gym equipment.

It takes more than registering for a gym membership, and getting on the treadmill to achieve your fitness goals. Sure, that would help improve your fitness, but if you want to achieve specific goals, then you need to decide which gym equipment to use.

Before embarking on your fitness program, you need to first understand the goal you want to achieve, whether:

  • To build muscle
  • To lose weight
  • To build strength
  • To improve athletic performance 
  • And more…

 After that, then you need to understand which equipment will be suitable for you to meet your goals. We have made it simple for you.

We offer the barbell workouts, the bodyweight workouts, dumbbell workouts, gym machine workouts, the kettlebell workouts, and the suspension (TRX) workout. So from these, you can choose a workout plan using gym equipment. 

The barbells are long metal bars with weight on each. You can do several moves with this equipment without putting the bar down. And you rack up a lot of reps in a short space of time with almost no rest. So each round becomes more challenging helping you burn fat, build muscle and get fit overall. So if this suits you, you can check out the barbell workouts we offer and choose any program based on your fitness level and goals.

The bodyweight workout uses your body as the only equipment to build your dream physique. So you don’t need barbells, dumbbells, or register for any gym membership. Your body weight is enough to engage in workouts that help decrease body fat, build strength, and boost muscular fitness. You can check out our bodyweight workouts and make your choice based on your fitness level and the goal(s) you intend to achieve.

The dumbbell is a type of free-weight that can be used individually or in pairs during workouts. It is effective for joint-isolated exercises such as shoulder raises, bicep curls, chest flies and more. So you can try the dumbbell workouts if that suits you to improve cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, build muscle and increase athletic performance. Check out the different programs we offer for different levels of experience to make a choice.

The gym machines like the treadmill, elliptical trainer, stationary exercise bikes, and rowing machines are effective for burning fat, losing weight, building strength and achieving many other fitness benefits. You can put your whole body or upper body to work to burn calories by using the gym machines. The beauty is that you can choose a weight that is comfortable for you. So you can try any of our gym machine workouts built for both men and women at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level of fitness.

The kettlebell is a free-weight that can be effective for increasing your heart rate, burning extra fat, and building muscles. You can use the kettlebell workouts for functional or compound exercises to work on your joints and muscle groups together. You can check out the options and choose a program that meets your desired goal.

The suspension (TRX) straps work against your body weight. It challenges your core when you try adjusted versions of the traditional strength training movements like the rows, pulls, presses, and more. 

Therefore, with the TRX workout, you can achieve your fitness goal without using the kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells or any gym equipment. You can choose any of our programs under the Suspension (TRX) workout. 

So whatever goal you intend to achieve, you can decide the best workout plan using gym equipment. 

Choose a program based on our equipment categories and we would gladly take you through the process to achieve your dream physique and form.