Men's Fat Loss Workouts

Men's Fat Loss Workouts

Men's fat loss workouts are essential to losing the right kind of weight. An awesome fat loss workout for men has tons of benefits including maintaining/building lean muscles mass while losing fat. You can also do fat loss workouts at home with little to no equipment, whichever fits your lifestyle. If you’re looking for the best men’s fat loss workouts, you’ve come to the right place.

Men’s fat loss workouts are all about being able to lose weight and maintain as much muscle as possible. At the end of the day, in order for someone to lose fat, you must also lose weight. Workouts that help burn belly fat generally involve movements that optimize for burning more calories. Fat loss workout routines also tend to involve moving around a lot to help your body burn more calories.

Understanding how to lose belly fat boils down to a few key ideas:

  1. Burn more calories during the day than you eat
  2. Get enough sleep to help your body burn fat
  3. Have a good fat loss workout plan

Workouts to lose belly fat come in many shapes and sizes. Below are some exercises that you may come across in a workout routine for weight loss.

Jump rope:

This basic cardio-training exercise requires little effort. However, fifteen minutes of skipping rope is equivalent to half an hour of jogging or squash, three quarters of an hour of skiing or one hour of volleyball. Jumping strengthens the cardiovascular, respiratory, leg and buttock muscles. And tones the back, shoulders and abdominal strap, improving speed and motor performance. Try to master jumping rope like Floyd Mayweather.

Abs exercises:

There are many ways to work your abs, the most common being a sit up which involves lying on your back and lift your self up so your chest touches your knees, then back down. This is not very complicated as long as you control the movement. Make sure to not do the motion too fast, but rather take your time and feel your abs contract and work. 

Focus on tightening the belly, shoulders and chest when doing sit up. Use this tightening to take off from the ground. Traditional sit ups involve keeping your feet on the ground, but there is a modified version where you keep your legs up in the air to do an ab crunch. When you do an ab crunch with your legs in the air, do not try to climb them too high and remember to cross your feet, in this position the back remains protected and the exercise is done in complete safety.

The most common mistake: Have a slightly arched back and lift the chest by pulling on the spine and forcing the neck. As a result, the abdominal muscles remain loose and you may have back and neck pain.

Squat exercise:

A little known fact, but doing squats in your fat loss program is a great way to burn fat. Squats activate many big muscle groups, and by working a ton of muscles, more of your body is working which burns fat during the workout. Moreover, when your muscles repair themselves after your workout, these big muscle groups that you used during your squat are using energy to recover which leads to more weight loss from your workout routine.

When doing a squat, make sure to focus on your form. Stand up, back straight, shoulders slightly back, feet spread to the width of the pelvis, buttocks back, bend your legs as if you wanted to sit in a chair.

The most common mistake: tilting the chest too far forward. By getting up and bending over so much, you are soliciting the lumbar vertebrae (lower back), which is not the purpose of the exercise. The squat helps to strengthen the thighs, quadriceps and buttocks.