Women's Powerbuilding Workouts

Women's Powerbuilding Workouts

Women's powerbuilding workouts are a type of workout that combines powerlifting and bodybuilding. A powerbuilding routine revolves around two key goals, developing strength and power in compound movements, and building a more impressive physique. There are tons of benefits to taking up a women's powerbuilding workout program, including improved overall athleticism, strength gains, improved posture, increased bone density, and more. If you’re looking for the best women’s powerbuilding workouts, you’ve come to the right place.

As a woman, you can also enjoy the enormous benefits in the powerbuilding workout program that has been for many years in the world of strength sports. This program combines two different training styles- bodybuilding and powerlifting, and it helps you achieve the goal most gym-goers always have in mind:

  • The desire to develop strength and power using compound movements.
  • The ability to still satisfy your aesthetic needs

Basically, the powerbuilding workout starts with lifting heavy weights and fewer reps to build strength. And then it progresses to lifting lighter weights with more reps to promote muscle growth.

You can actually use our women’s powerbuilding workouts to get stronger and at the same time improve your body composition. You can increase muscle mass and build strength through these programs.

We offer different powerbuilding workouts for women and each of these workouts programs are designed to suit powerbuilding goals. 

The interesting part is that you can achieve up to 3 or more goals with some workouts. You don’t have to be an expert bodybuilder to follow our programs. We offer bodybuilding workouts for intermediates and advanced levels. So you can choose the right category to achieve your goal.

For example, you can achieve up to 6 goals including bodybuilding, athletic performance, build muscle, gain strength, fat loss, and powerbuilding when you follow the Intensity split by Nemanja. This “powerbuilding workout for women” is meant for the intermediate level and it combines both high and low reps to help you look big and strong. It is a split type of workout covered in 4 weeks and lasts for 42 minutes.

You can also try the Strength and size by Nemanja to build muscle, gain strength and improve your athletic performance. 

For the advanced level bodybuilding workouts, you can try the Strength & Conditioning Program which helps for powerbuilding and athletic performance.

Each of these powerlifting workouts gives you a chance to lift heavy weights with fewer repetitions (maybe 1 or 6) to build stronger muscles. However, if you desire to build larger muscles, then you should focus on more reps (like 11-16reps) with less weight.

You can check our various categories for women’s powerbuilding workouts and chose the option that fits your goal.

We would help you through the different stages and ensure you achieve the maximum result that you desire. However, remember to always celebrate your progress along the way no matter how small it looks. And remember that powerbuilding is no magic. It requires much commitment from you in the long-term.

You can reach us today and we will be glad to see you increase your muscle mass and strength. Most of all, we will be so excited to watch you develop stronger self-esteem through our women’s powerbuilding workouts.