Chest and Back Workouts

Chest and Back Workouts

Combining two muscle groups in the same workout can be a real timesaver and change how you’re stimulating your muscles, so hitting your chest and back on the same day is sometimes your best option. Workouts for your chest and back together can be grueling and challenging, but they will leave your entire upper body with a vicious pump and ensure that you're hitting all critical upper-body muscles. You can do a chest and back workout dumbbells only, or at the gym with weights. If you’re looking for the best chest and back workouts, you’ve come to the right place.

Most people see chest and back workouts as being designed for men alone, but that’s not true. This workout routine is also beneficial to women in many ways and that’s why we have designed customized programs to help you get the best from chest and back workouts.

When you exercise your chest and back:

  • It helps to improve your posture
  • It helps you breathe easier
  • It helps build a strong foundation

You may worry about building a bulky upper body, but in the real sense, you shouldn’t because as a woman you don’t have enough testosterone to build large muscles. 

However, we have designed the best chest and back workouts that can help you tone up without adding bulk.

These programs are designed for all women irrespective of your experience level. So we have the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels which you can choose to meet any of your chosen goals.

As a beginner, if you have a goal to build muscle alone, you can choose the “Lats for Upper Body Size Workout” which is a muscle-focus workout. It is designed for just a day per week and you complete the workout in 63 minutes. The equipment you need for this program includes cable, bodyweight, machines, and dumbbells.

However, note that you can achieve more than one goal with our chest and back workouts. 

You can follow our “Back Attack” program to achieve up to four goals, including bodybuilding, powerbuilding, gain strength, and build muscle. This workout is for the advanced (3+ years) experience level and it helps to build large back muscles. It is performed 3 days weekly and the remaining four days are for resting. 

There are also intermediate (2-3 years) experience level options like the “Chest and Triceps Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy 2,” which is useful if your goal includes bodybuilding and build muscle. This workout helps to increase cellular muscle structures and rip your muscle fibers to promote local endurance needed to build muscles. 

Working your muscles is very delicate and if you don’t follow the right routine, it may lead to injuries that can be fatal. That’s why we don’t leave you hanging. 

When you register for any of our chest and back workouts, we evaluate your goals and we recommend the best program for you. Not only that, but we guide you along the way and help you ensure you warm up your muscles properly before starting the chest and back workouts.

Remember that exercising your chest and back is very vital for improving your overall health. So it’s time to show your chest and back muscles some extra love.

Register with us today and let’s walk and work together!