Muscle Group Workouts

Muscle Group Workouts

Muscle Group workouts are focused on specific body parts you want to work on, like a chest workout or a glutes workout. 

If you are looking for a 1-off workout plan that focuses on a single muscle or a group of muscles, Myworkouts has a large selection of muscle-specific workout plans to fit your needs.

In muscle group workouts there are tons of flexible workout plans that you can do at the home, gym, and with little to no equipment.

There are different workout programs available to you, but you will be aimless if you don’t have a target. Yea, when you workout, which parts of your body are you trying to work on? You need to ask yourself and get it right. There are many muscles focus workouts that concentrate on a specific part of the body. That’s why you need to know what’s ideal for you to get the best result. And that’s what we show you at myworkouts.

If you intend to work on your abs and core, there are abs and core workouts that work on the core muscles, including the rectus abdominis transversus abdominus, erector spinae, as well as the oblique and internal muscles. These workouts strengthen your core to help you in different lifts and movements that involve changing positions. So you get a good posture and maintain the right balance through different exercise routines

You can also focus on muscles around your back region with the back workouts. These workouts help you get a well-developed torso which helps you get a good physique when you put on your favorite dress. It also helps to brace your spine to ease your fitness journey. 

Your biceps are also important for building strength and muscles around your upper body. The back and bicep workouts help to train your biceps and develop your upper body. The versatile exercises of these programs are designed to help you get well-toned arms and back. 

Building the bicep muscles requires a consistent workout plan, and using our bicep workouts helps you get your ideal arms. Myworkouts offers the best options of workouts for different levels of experience to help train your biceps. More so, we offer you an optimal nutritional plan to get the best result. 

You can also work on your glutes to get in shape. Apart from-full body workouts, some specialized butt workouts also help you achieve the curvy look you desire. At myworkouts, we offer butt and glutes workout plans that are targeted to meet different goals. You can also get strong legs and glutes with our full women’s leg workouts. More so, we help you gain muscle and stay away from any age-related ailments that you might face. 

Also, to build a stronger chest, you need to follow workouts that focus on the chest muscles. When you combine the perfect chest workout plan and a healthy diet for muscle growth, you’ll easily grow a stronger chest to look great. At myworkouts, our trainers carefully chose the best list of workouts to help you strengthen your chest and triceps muscles. In the end, your chest muscles become pumped up and remain toned.

You can build stronger legs by trying workouts that focus on muscles around the leg. Our leg workouts are suitable for both men and women and you can try them at the gym or from the comfort of your home to get the toned look for your legs. 

 Some workouts are great for strengthening and toning the arms to get a great look. Our arm workouts are well-structured to help build the right muscles around the arms. These exercises are designed to activate the biceps and triceps to get a strong and better look with time. Besides, you get a reduced risk of musculoskeletal injuries. 

Your hamstring is an area of risk if you’re an athlete, and trying hamstring workouts will help reduce the risk of injury. You can try any of our programs at myworkouts to develop your hamstrings to stabilize your knee and work on the anterior cruciate.

The lower body workout is also effective for stronger legs, abs, and core. We offer different types of exercises that help you build strength and endurance around your legs and develop a strong abs and core. Besides, you can tone your thighs with our customized thigh workouts. We also offer resistance band workouts to help you lose inner thigh or hip fat.

You can also build muscles around your shoulders to build strength and maintain a great posture. Apart from these, our shoulder workouts also help to reduce the risk of any injury during sports activities. 

If you intend to build stronger biceps, you can try our tricep workouts that help build muscles needed to do compound lifts like overhead press or bench press. You can also try our upper body workouts that include lots of resistance training to help you build strength in your upper body. This way, your daily tasks will become easier and you will be at lower risk of developing conditions like osteoporosis.

You can try any of these muscle focus workouts highlighted above to help get your desired result for one or more parts of your body. 

We are here to guide you through the process. Just make your choice based on a specific part of your body, and we will guide you through our structured program to help you get the best result.