Hamstring Workouts

Hamstring Workouts

Hamstrings are often overlooked on leg days, which is why hamstring-specific workouts are much needed for many fitness heads. The best hamstrings workouts will help with injury prevention, improve performance, and posture. The best thing about this workout routine is that you can do hamstring workouts at home, at the gym, with dumbbells only, barbell, resistance bands, or bodyweight. If you’re looking for the best hamstring workouts, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for the best hamstring workouts, you’ve come to the right place.

Build your Hamstrings With Us

Do you want to run faster and jump higher? Do you want to squat and lunge more weight? And do you want to fill out a pair of shorts or swim trunks with meaty, muscular legs?

Then you want to make sure to train your hamstrings and spend at least some time every week doing dedicated, focused hamstring training. Very often, when most guys think of building strong, powerful legs, they imagine the quads, and the “teardrop” shaped muscles above the front of your knees are the focus and pursuit of plenty of bodybuilders.

Leg Workout for Gains

While the quads do offer your legs strength, stability, and power, they aren’t the true engine of your lower body. That responsibility actually belongs to your hamstrings, which, along with your glutes, propel you forward during sprints and drive you upward during every leap, whether on the basketball court or simply an outdoor jump for joy.

You may also need to watch your diet while going for weightlifting for strength.

Today, with more people ignoring their legs and only focuses on the upper body, we provide a well-structured hamstrings workout. Mywrkouts offer the best hamstrings workout routines out there along with an awesome nutritional plan guide. Our programs are designed as per the level of fitness, and are categorized under Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

What Makes Mywrkouts Special?

We offer many hamstring workouts at the gym if you are keen on getting the toned look for your legs. Beauty and fitness aside, hamstring workouts also build lasting strength that can help you to prevent injuries. 


Mywrkouts is different in a few ways, and they are:


  • Equipment-specific and goal-specific approach
  • Detailed programs with a focus on a variety of goals including improved athletic performance, building strength, weight loss, and more
  • There are programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels


Mywrkouts focuses on making sure you get lifetime fitness techniques and help achieve your dream physique.