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Suspension (TRX) Workouts

Suspension (TRX) Workouts

Originally created for Navy Seals who needed to work out in a variety of environments using limited equipment, suspension TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) workouts use gravity and your body weight to deliver world-class workouts. 

TRX workouts are typically efficient in just about every way- they’re fast, don’t take up much space, use just the straps as equipment, and can be used to challenge your entire body. TRX workouts are also viable for all experience levels, and even for those limited by injury!

You can actually do away with the old weight training routine and get fit using just a set of straps, your body, and gravity. Yea! The Suspension workout is gained popularity as an effective way to turn every exercise into a challenge for your core. 

The TRX (total-body resistance exercise) was invented by a former U.S Navy SEAL, and it involves working against your bodyweight, which is balanced against the handles of the suspended straps. This way, you can perform adjusted versions of the traditional strength training movements including presses, rows, pulls- you name it. 

So you don’t need the kettlebells, dumbbells, or barbells to build resistance. You can use the Suspension workout routine from the comfort of your home to gain strength and build muscles

We offer the best Suspension workouts that you can perform using just your bodyweight and Suspension straps. 

So whether you want to lose weight, build strength or improve your athletic performance, you can try our TRX workouts from the comfort of your home to get fit. 

If you are a beginner, you can follow our beginner (1-2 years experience) programs such as the “Chris’ Simple Calisthenic Workout.” This is a full body workout that is suitable for both male and females. 

You can use this 2-day workout if your goal is to gain strength and build muscle. The minimum and maximum repetition varies depending on your fitness level and strength, and these workouts can be completed indefinitely.

What about the intermediate (2-3 years) level of experience? Yea, if you are in this category, we also offer suitable Suspension workouts that you can use to achieve your fitness goal. 

For example, the “Full bodyweight workout in 10 minutes” is an effective intermediate TRX workout program that is suitable if your goal includes fat loss, increase stamina, gain strength and tone body. You will sweat, burn fat, and feel strong in just 10 minutes. You can check out this option.

There are also advanced (3+ years of experience) options of the Suspension Workouts that can help you get fit, build muscle, and gain strength. 

If you are a professional athlete in fields like diving, obstacle races, basketball, rugby, volleyball, or any other sports that involve jumping, you can use our “Plyometric workout” to build improve athletic performance. You can integrate this program once a week to your strength training workouts.

So whichever level of experience you belong to, we offer TRX workouts that are suitable to help you achieve your fitness goal. We guide you through the process in a step-by-step manner to help you get the best.

So it’s time to forget about those weight training machines. Yea, you can follow any of our suspension workouts to improve your joint stability and core strength. 

You get a chance to improve your strength and balance using just your bodyweight and Suspension. Besides, we guide you on how to anchor the straps, and familiarize yourself with the moves for each program.

Check out our programs, and register for the best TRX program that meets your goal. BEGIN TODAY!