Barbell Workouts

Barbell Workouts

Barbells allow for flexible routines that are great for building muscle as well as strength. Barbells also allow you to lift more weight and overload, multiple muscle groups, at once with compound movements. Using barbells to target large muscle groups with exercises like the bench press, overhead press, and deadlift are terrific for hitting multiple muscles in a short amount of time, as well as building functional strength. If you’re looking to get big and lift big, barbell workouts are a great place to start.

How do you feel when you hear the word “Barbell workout?” Like it's hard right? Well, that’s the feeling most people get, but there’s nothing too hard about workouts with barbell.

Yea, barbell workouts involve movement without putting the bar down, but this doesn’t mean you should start too strong. You need to begin with light weights to reduce the tension in your muscles. 

There are numerous benefits that you can get from workouts with barbell including:

  • Gaining muscle mass
  • Losing fat
  • Lowering your overall weight
  • Improving your general fitness level and health condition
  • Improving your look and boosting your self-esteem

There are different barbell workouts that you can use to achieve a lot of fitness goals. And these options are grouped into different levels of experience, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  

More so, you don’t need a large space at home to perform a workout plan with barbell. You can do it at your comfort at any time of the day. And it is highly affordable, requiring just the use of barbell.

We offer the best barbell workout, which you can use to achieve the benefits listed above. And each of these programs are targeted towards specific goals.

So as a beginner (1-2years), to build muscle and tone body, you can try the workouts with barbells such as the “Shoulder Work.” This program helps to build the muscles of the delts and shoulders. It is carried out once a week with several exercise styles having its own sets and reps. Usable equipment include bands, dumbbells, and barbells.

If you are in the intermediate (2-3 years) level of experience, you can try the “Dumbbell Shoulder Program for Gym or Home.” This program can be done in the gym or at home and you only need to buy dumbbells to perform it. This barbell workout helps you to tone and increase your muscle mass by recruiting more muscle fibers. This way, you progress to move higher loads than before.

Note that you can start as a beginner, and progress to taking up the intermediate level workouts plan with barbell. 

You can even progress to the advanced (3+ years) stage, where you can take up options like the “Dumbbell Shoulder 2,” which helps you get higher muscle mass even when you’re not contracting your muscles. This workout with barbell is performed three days weekly and it lasts for 60 minutes overall. 

So you can decide which goal you want to achieve for workout plans with barbell that we offer. Then you can decide which workout option is suitable to meet your needs.

You can register with us and we will guide you on the right path to achieve the best result, especially as a beginner. 

Remember if you want to lose fat and gain lean body mass to improve your look and confidence, the barbell workout is a good option you should try.

We are ready to help you achieve your goal. Register with us today!