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By Ashley and Amanda Rosenberg

Beginner (1-2 years)
26 minutes/day
Good for
Build Muscle, Fat Loss, Gain Strength, Lose Weight, Tone Body
Bands, Bodyweight, Dumbbell
Average Cardio Intensity
Average Exertion

Happy FRIYAYYY! Swipe to the end for our warmup! πŸ˜πŸ’ƒπŸ½It’s almost the weekend and we officially have a new obsession with bands. 😩 Where have long resistance bands been all our life?! They really do everything and we’re just amazed.🀣🀣 Give this a SAVE for your next band only workout!

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EMOM workouts are an acronym for every minute on the minute. A form of interval training, the goal with this workout is to complete a certain number of reps of a particular exercise within 60 seconds, and to use whatever time is left in that minute to rest.

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge to Pressβ–Ά
4 sets, 60s, (rest 0s)
10 reps each side
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Jumping Jack demonstrationPlay Jumping Jack demonstration
4 sets, 60s, (rest 0s)
40 Reps
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Resistance Band Front Raise demonstrationPlay Resistance Band Front Raise demonstration
4 sets, 60s, (rest 0s)
16 Reps
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Lateral Band Walk demonstrationPlay Lateral Band Walk demonstration
4 sets, 60s, (rest 0s)
24 Steps
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Banded Upright Row demonstrationPlay Banded Upright Row demonstration
4 sets, 60s, (rest 0s)
20 Reps
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Date Created: 2/19/2021, UTC

Last Updated: 2/19/2021, UTC

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