Halloween Hypertrophy: The Full Body Dumbbell Only Workout!

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By Blue Star Nutraceuticals

Experience Intermediate (2-3 years)
Time 17 minutes/day

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This is Halloween Hypertrophy: The Full Body Dumbbell Only Workout!

Let’s get to it!

For this workout you should perform 6 exercises in circuit fashion.

That means you’ll perform all reps of exercise one, then all reps of exercise 2, and continue in that fashion until all 6 exercises are complete.

Once all 6 exercises are complete, that’s the end of round 1.

You should perform 6 reps for each exercise and use a weight that is around 75% of your 1 rep max.

This means if you can stiff leg deadlift 100 Lb dumbbells, you should use 75 Lb for this exercise.

You’re allowed up to 2 minutes between rounds to catch your breath and rehydrate with AminoFast.

Your goal is to complete 6 rounds in under 60 minutes.

So push yourself and give this everything you’ve got!

Exercise #1: Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift

Keep your back straight, chest up, push your hips back to get a full stretch in the hamstrings and glutes. Lower the dumbbells, keeping them as close to your shins as possible then contract your hamstrings and glutes to raise the weight back up explosively, maintaining the same angle with your shins throughout the whole movement.

Exercise #2: Dumbbell Front Squat

Hold a pair of dumbbells at your shoulders, brace the core, keep the knees out, tracking in-line with your toes, chest up, back straight, and perform a full depth squat going as deep as you can maintaining proper form - then explode up through the heels returning to the starting position, slow controlled eccentric, fast explosive concentric.

Exercise #3: Dumbbell Chest Supported Row

Lie face down on a bench set to an incline of 30-45 degrees, row the weight up to your mid stomach, pulling with your elbows and squeezing with your back, traps and rear delts at the top - then control back down. Fast explosive concentric, slow controlled eccentric.

Exercise #4: Dumbbell Incline Bench Press

This is one of the best upper chest exercises you can perform. Retract the shoulders, brace the core and drive the weight up explosively, stopping just short of lockout then control the weight back down. Remember not to flare your elbows out and no pausing at any point, keep constant movement up and down - like a piston in an engine.

Exercise #5: Dumbbell Incline Skullcrushers

Set an incline bench at about 45 degrees. Lie back and raise the dumbbells above your head. Lower under control behind your head. The key with these is to keep your elbows pointed back about 30 degrees and lower the weight behind your head rather than to your forehead - this allows for a deeper stretch and better tension on the triceps. Remember to fully lock out at the top for a peak contraction in the triceps as well.

Exercise #6: Dumbbell Incline Curl

Set an incline bench at about 45 degrees. Retract your shoulder blades and keep your chest up to prevent yourself from cheating. Let your arms hang down behind your torso, and curl the weight up as high as you can, without letting your elbows drift forward - these provide the greatest stretch on the biceps and an incredible contraction at the top.

And that is a wrap!

Perform this workout 2 times per week for up to 8 weeks, aiming to increase your weights on each of these lifts as often as possible without sacrificing form.

Within a few weeks of performing this workout, you’ll start to notice some incredible results in your strength and size in your upper body.

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Warm up for 5-10 minutes.

Use a weight that is around 75% of your 1 rep max.

Finish the workout in 60 minutes.


Circuit #1 - 6 rounds

Rest 120s between rounds

1A.Stiff-Legged Dumbbell Deadlift
6 rounds6 reps0s
1B.Dumbbell Squat
6 rounds6 reps0s
1C.Incline Bench Barbell Row
6 rounds6 reps0s
1D.Incline Dumbbell Press
6 rounds6 reps0s
1E.Incline Barbell Skullcrusher
6 rounds6 reps0s
1F.Incline Dumbbell Curl
6 rounds6 reps120s

Date Created: 2/8/2021, UTC

Last Updated: 7/12/2021, UTC

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