The One And Done: 15-Minute Single Dumbbell Ab Workout Ft. David Morin | Faster Fat Loss™

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By Blue Star Nutraceuticals

Experience Intermediate (2-3 years)
Time 8 minutes/day

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15 Minutes, a single dumbbell and some sweat.

That’s all it’s gonna take for today’s incredible ab sculpting workout to transform your physique with truly noticeable results!

David Morin here from Blue Star Nutraceuticals with this week’s Faster Fat Loss™ workout. This week, I’m going to show you how to catapult your Growth Hormone levels - quickly, safely and naturally with a high intensity circuit workout truly worthy of today’s modern man - powered with the hard-science backed ingredients found in Blue Star Nutraceuticals GH Peak™.

Growth Hormone, (or GH) affects your health, performance and aesthetics - and controlling it can result in significant fat loss, lean mass gains, enhanced recovery and help protect against the consequences of aging.

So get ready to experience what the power of skyrocketed GH levels on your side can do for you.

This is The One And Done: 15-Minute Single Dumbbell Ab Workout!

Let’s get to it!

Performing high intensity interval training has been clinically shown to increase Growth Hormone and IGF-1 levels in as little as 10 minutes - resulting in increased protein synthesis, fat burning, performance and recovery.

So today’s 15-minute ab blaster will be more than enough to skyrocket your GH levels and carve out your abs like nothing else can.

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Done? Great. Now let’s get to work!

For this workout, you’ll perform 5 exercises in circuit fashion.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds each - aiming for as many reps as possible.

You’ll be using just one dumbbell for this entire workout so choose a weight that’s going to be challenging for you, but still allow you to perform the exercises for the full 30 seconds.

The goal is to maintain speed and explosiveness so don’t go too heavy - I’ll be using 25Lb today as an example.

You will be allowed 30 seconds rest between exercises to quickly catch your breath and set up for the next exercise.

Round 1 is complete once you’ve finished all 5 exercises.

You will repeat the entire workout for 3 total rounds - taking no additional rest time to make this a 15-minute quick and effective ab torcher!

As always, the complete workout will be listed for you in the description below.

Now hit those timers and let’s get this going!

Exercise #1: Dumbbell V-Up

Lie with arms and legs extended straight, with a dumbbell in your hands, perform a crunch raising your legs and arms at the same time to form a V at the top, when your legs are at the top crunch up hard and reach your hands up trying to touch your toes, then slowly control back down.

Exercise #2: Dumbbell Kayak Row

Setup like a Russian twist with your feet raised parallel with the ground and the dumbbell in your hands. Swing the weight to one side, then in a figure-8 motion back to the other side. Continue swinging the weight back and forth, side to side, like you're rowing a paddle in a kayak. Remember to keep your core braced the entire time.

Exercise #3: Side-to-Side Leg Lifts

Set a dumbbell up on one end in front of you, sit with your legs straight on one side of the dumbbell, lean back to about 45 degrees with your upper body to engage your core, then perform leg lifts raising your feet over-top of the dumbbell to the opposite side, touch the ground, then raise back over the dumbbell to return to the starting position, Over and back is one repetition, repeat leg lifts side-to-side over the dumbbell until time is up!

Exercise #4: Dumbbell Situp

Setup like a regular situp with your knees bent at 90 degrees, hold a dumbbell in your hands as you crunch up to the top, press the dumbbell straight up overhead, then control the weight slowly back down. The added resistance with these will really force your abs to work hard to support and control the weight.

Exercise #5: Dumbbell Gorilla Swings

Finally, we’ll finish off working the obliques with something I like to call gorilla swings. Hold a dumbbell in both hands around navel height. Keep your arms in this fixed position bent about 90 degrees and rotate from your core left to right explosively. Keep swinging the weight back and forth, engaging your core until time is up! These will strengthen your obliques and seriously get you some gorilla-like core strength.

And that’s a wrap - congratulations on making it through this week’s Faster Fat Loss™ workout!

Perform this workout 5 times this week in place of your traditional ab work and boring cardio sessions and you’ll start seeing your abs pop like never before.

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Circuit #1 - 3 rounds

Rest 0s between rounds

1A.Dumbbell V-up
3 rounds30s30s
1B.Dumbbell Kayak Row
3 rounds30s30s
1C.Seated Leg Raise Over Dumbbell
3 rounds30s30s
1D.Dumbbell Overhead Sit Up
3 rounds30s30s
1E.Dumbbell Gorilla Twist
3 rounds30s0s

Date Created: 1/6/2021, UTC

Last Updated: 2/5/2021, UTC

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