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The Perfect Pair: Dumbbell Only Full Body Fat Burning Ft. David Morin

By Blue Star Nutraceuticals

Intermediate (2-3 years)
67 minutes/day | 1 day/week | 1 weeks
Good for
Men's Bodybuilding, Men's Build Muscle, Men's Fat Loss, Men's Tone Body

We’re not going to waste any time here today messing around with pins and plates on machines, or wandering around the gym for different equipment.

Today, you’re just going to grab a pair of dumbbells and get to work.

David morin here from Blue Star Nutraceuticals and today I’m running you through a fat melting full body workout that will not only skyrocket your fat burning metabolism up to 38 hours after you finish, but also preserve your strength and hard earned muscle.

And the best part - it only requires one, single pair of dumbbells, so you can do this at the gym, or the comfort of your own home - it doesn’t matter.

No more wasting time - today is about getting you results.

Grab those dumbbells and let’s get to work!

This is The Perfect Pair: Dumbbell Only Full Body Fat Burning! Let’s get to it!

Grab a pair of dumbbells you could comfortable get 12 reps for with an overhead press - generally this would be dumbbells between 30 and 60lbs each.

For this workout, you’ll perform 7 exercises in circuit fashion.

Perform 10 reps of each exercise taking as little rest between exercises as possible until all 7 exercises are complete.

Once you have completed all 7 exercises, take 2 minutes to catch your breath and rehydrate with AminoFast™ then repeat 3 more times for total of 4 rounds.

Your goal is to complete the entire workout in under 60 minutes!

As always the workout is listed for you in the description below.

Now let’s get to it!

Exercise #1: Dumbbell Goblet Squat

To set up, grab one dumbbell and hold it against your chest, then as you squat down you want to go as low as possible, keeping your knees on the outside of your elbows and torso then explode up driving through your heels.

This helps teach proper alignment of the knees and makes it easier to get lower in the squat for a complete range of motion. To make it a little more advanced and harder on the core, you can extend your arms all the way out in front of you as you descend to the bottom of the squat and pull it back in as you raise back up.

Exercise #2: Dumbbell Swing

This movement should imitate a kettlebell swing, only you’ll grab the end of the dumbbell in both hands instead of the handle. Use your hip drive to swing the weight up, not your arms - your arms are just along for the ride. Be powerful with these, aiming to raise the weight to shoulder height.

Exercise #3: Standing Overhead Press

Setup, feet shoulder width apart - hold a pair of dumbbells at your shoulders, brace the core, squeeze the glutes and drive the dumbbells explosively overhead, then control slowly back down and repeat. Keep these strict and don’t bounce the weight up with your legs.

Exercise #4: Dumbbell 1-Arm Row

Grab a dumbbell, keep your torso parallel with the floor and pull with your elbow, squeezing your lats as you raise the dumbbell to your hip. Perform all reps on one side, then switch sides.

Exercise #5: Dumbbell Floor Press

Set up like a typical dumbbell bench press but lie flat on your back. Control the weight down until your elbows touch the ground then use your chest to drive the weight back to the top, stopping just short of lockout, don’t clank the weights together at the top - keep constant tension on your chest.

Exercise #6: Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Stand up with the dumbbells at your sides, curl both up at the same time using a hammer grip. Squeeze your biceps at the top then lower back down under control, fighting the flex on the way back down.

Exercise #7: Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension

Lift one dumbbell over and behind your head, feel a stretch in the triceps at the bottom then press them up to full lockout overhead, squeezing your triceps at the top. Lower under control back to the starting position, fighting the flex on the way back down and repeat.

And that’s a wrap!

Add this full body fat burning circuit into your routine as a standalone workout up to 2 times per week and you’ll start to see dramatic improvements in your shape and muscle definition.

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Week 1

Warm up for 5 minutes to get the flood flowing to the entire body!

Grab a pair of dumbbells you could comfortable get 12 reps for with an overhead press - generally this would be dumbbells between 30 and 60lbs each.

Circuit1A. Goblet Squat
Goblet Squat demonstrationPlay Goblet Squat demonstration
1B. Dumbbell High Swing
Dumbbell High Swing demonstrationPlay Dumbbell High Swing demonstration
1C. Standing Dumbbell Press
Standing Dumbbell Press demonstrationPlay Standing Dumbbell Press demonstration

Perform all reps on one side, then switch sides.
1D. One-Arm Bent-Over Dumbbell Row
One-Arm Bent-Over Dumbbell Row demonstrationPlay One-Arm Bent-Over Dumbbell Row demonstration
1E. Dumbbell Floor Press
Dumbbell Floor Press demonstrationPlay Dumbbell Floor Press demonstration
1F. Hammer Curls
Hammer Curls demonstrationPlay Hammer Curls demonstration
1G. Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension
Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension demonstrationPlay Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension demonstration

Date Created: 12/28/2020, UTC

Last Updated: 1/11/2021, UTC

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