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Full Body Transformation | 12 Minute Tabata Workout | Faster Fat Loss

By Blue Star Nutraceuticals

Intermediate (2-3 years)
17 minutes/day
Good for
Fat Loss, Lose Weight
Bodyweight, Kettlebell, Medicine Ball, Other
Average Cardio Intensity
Average Exertion

Hey! Nez here with Blue Star Nutraceuticals, bringing you today’s Faster Fat Loss workout.

After a pretty bad head injury in my early 20s, I was forced to rethink my hobbies and went looking for something that could scratch my competitive itch in a way that would build my body up instead of breaking it down.

So I got my first gym membership, started focusing on improving my overall health, and immediately started noticing positive results, physically and mentally.

That ultimately led me to personal training because I liked working with people, and wanted to help others experience the benefits of better fitness and health too. Then in January 2013 I opened a bootcamp gym after falling in love with the variety and real-world application of functional training - focusing on compound lifts, sleds, and ropes - compared to traditional bodybuilding.

Eventually I got into competitive CrossFit for the added challenge and endless workout possibilities - yet as I work my way through my 30s, I’ve had to find a balance between higher and lower impact training to allow me to still reach my goals, yet not break me down so much I’m unable to recover.

So today, I’m running you through a workout that’s got the perfect balance of high intensity to skyrocket your metabolism, along with high, and low impact functional movements to get you the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.

So chug back your P.P.K. and get ready to work!

Workout Info:

For this workout, you’ll perform 4 exercises, in circuit fashion.

You’ll perform each exercise in Tabata interval style, meaning you’ll give 100% intensity for 20 seconds then have 10 seconds to rest and prepare for the next exercise.

Once you’ve completed all 4 exercises, that’s the end of round 1.

Your goal is to complete 6 rounds back-to-back with no additional rest in-between exercises, making this a 12-minute fat torching upper body workout.

Push yourself and really give this your all!

Now let’s get going!

Exercise #1: Med Ball Slam

Grab the med ball with feet about shoulder-width apart. Lift it overhead and slam it down with full body power and momentum, squat down to pick it up and repeat. Use your core to help slam the ball down, not just your arms. 20 seconds, give it all you’ve got.

Exercise #2: Battle Ropes

Grab the ends of the rope in each hand, stand with feet shoulder width apart, squat down, brace your core and throw the ropes as hard and fast as you can, use your core and whole body to move the ropes, not just your arms.

Exercise #3: Clapping Push-ups

Keep your body straight like a board, brace the core, lower down under control then explode into the air. You should push yourself high enough off the ground that you can clap in the air before landing.

Exercise #4: Kettlebell Swing

Set the kettlebell between your legs, take a stance slightly wider than shoulder width. Hinge at the hips until you can reach the bell, grab with both hands and engage your lats, then begin with a slight swing back to engage your glutes and hamstrings, thrust your hips forward to drive the weight up. Remember, use your hip drive to swing the weight, not your arms - your arms are just along for the ride. Be powerful with these aiming to raise the weight to shoulder height.

And that’s a wrap!

Perform this workout 5 times this week and you can completely replace boring traditional cardio sessions with something far more fun and effective.

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Do stretches after this workout to recover better!

Medicine Ball Slam demonstrationPlay Medicine Ball Slam demonstration
6 sets, 20s, (rest 0s)
Time between exercises: 10s
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Battling Ropes demonstrationPlay Battling Ropes demonstration
6 sets, 20s, (rest 0s)
Time between exercises: 10s
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Clapping Pushup
6 sets, 20s, (rest 0s)
Time between exercises: 10s
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Kettlebell Swing
6 sets, 20s, (rest 0s)
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Date Created: 12/18/2020, UTC

Last Updated: 12/22/2020, UTC

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