On the Go Single Kettlebell Workout

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By Eric Leija

Experience Advanced (3+ years)
Time 18 minutes/day

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Source: vimeo.com

This workout is designed to work on all major muscle groups if you are on the go and don't have access to a lot of equipment. The only equipment that you will need to cover this program is just one kettlebell. All the exercises in this routine are to be performed in a circuit fashion, thus keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the workout duration. This program is ideal to build muscle and strength and to shed fat.

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Circuit #1 - 5 rounds

Rest 30s between rounds

1A.Single Kettlebell Deadlift
5 rounds10 reps0s
1B.Single Kettlebell Alternating Bent Over Row
5 rounds10 reps0s
1C.One Arm Kettlebell Front Squat

See Exercise Notes

5 rounds10 reps0s
1D.One Arm Standing Kettlebell Press
5 rounds10 reps30s
2.Single Kettlebell Deadlift, Row to Squat and Press Flow
5 sets10 reps30s

Date Created: 12/15/2021, UTC

Last Updated: 12/20/2021, UTC

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