Build Muscle & Burn Fat Full Body Dumbbell Only Workout

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By Blue Star Nutraceuticals

Experience Intermediate (2-3 years)
Time 42 minutes/day

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Rob Riches here from Blue Star Nutraceuticals and today I’m running you through a high intensity, high volume workout that will not only help pack on slabs of lean muscle mass, but melt away layers of unwanted body fat at the same time.

And the best part, all you need is a few dumbbells, a bench, and some open space to do it.

So chug back your P.P.K., hit that thumbs up button, subscribe – if you're not one of the hundred thousand who already are – and get ready for one of the best workouts you’ll ever complete!

This is the Full Body Dumbbell Only 100-K Workout Challenge! Let’s get to it!

1:44​ Workout Info:

For this workout you’ll perform 10 exercises in circuit fashion.

This means you’ll perform one set of exercise one, then one set of exercise 2 and continue in that fashion until all 10 exercises are complete.

You’ll perform 10 reps of each exercise using about 60% of your 1 Rep Max.

10 Exercises - 10 Sets - 10 Reps - 10 Rounds.

That’s 1000 reps total for this intense workout.

And you have 100 minutes to complete it, that’s why we call this the 100-K challenge - 100 minutes, 1000 reps.

So the rest times are up to you, make sure you’ve got some AminoFast on hand to stay hydrated and push yourself to get through this in your best time.

Leave a comment below with your time when you complete it, and let me know which exercise was the most challenging for you during this thing.

Now, let’s get going.

2:38​ Exercise #1: Dumbbell Push Press

3:07​ Exercise #2: Dumbbell Goblet Squat

3:30​ Exercise #3: Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly

3:50​ Exercise #4: Dumbbell Bench Press

4:10​ Exercise #5: Dumbbell Bent Over Row

4:29​ Exercise #6: Standing Dumbbell Curl

4:53​ Exercise #7: Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension

5:14​ Exercise #8: Dumbbell Lateral Raise

5:40​ Exercise #9: Dumbbell V-Up

6:00​ Exercise #10: Dumbbell Burpees

6:20​ Workout Recommendation:

And there you have it! Perform this workout up to 2 times this week as an added challenge to crank up the intensity of your regular training program and test the limits of your muscular strength and endurance.

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Google Sheet Workout Export

Warm up for 5-10 minutes.

You’ll perform 10 reps of each exercise using about 60% of your 1 Rep Max.


Circuit #1 - 10 rounds

Rest 60s between rounds

1A.Dumbbell Push Press
10 rounds10 reps0s
1B.Goblet Squat
10 rounds10 reps0s
1C.Rear Delt Raise
10 rounds10 reps0s
1D.Dumbbell Bench Press
10 rounds10 reps0s
1E.Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row
10 rounds10 reps0s
1F.Standing Dumbbell Biceps Curl
10 rounds10 reps0s
1G.Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension
10 rounds10 reps0s
1H.Dumbbell Lateral Raise
10 rounds10 reps0s
1I.Dumbbell V-up
10 rounds10 reps0s
1J.Dumbbell Burpee
10 rounds10 reps60s

Date Created: 2/7/2021, UTC

Last Updated: 7/12/2021, UTC

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