Booty Focus Muscle Growth Workout

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By Courtney King

Experience Intermediate (2-3 years)
Time 35 minutes/day

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This glute-focus workout embraces your natural curves and emphasizes the muscles that will make your booty pop. 4 supersets, or exercises with sets performed back to back, will hit every muscle group in your glutes and ensure the muscle growth and more defined butt along with a stronger lower body as a whole. This workout should be performed 1-2 times per week for at least 6 weeks for intended results. Intermediates looking to really focus on more defined and stronger glutes should try this workout!

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Circuit #1 - 3 rounds

Rest 60s between rounds

1A.One-Arm One-Leg Dumbbell Deadlift
3 rounds10 reps0s
1B.Goblet Squat
3 rounds10 reps60s

Circuit #2 - 3 rounds

Rest 60s between rounds

3 rounds15 reps0s
2B.Reverse hack Squat
3 rounds12 reps60s

Circuit #3 - 3 rounds

Rest 60s between rounds

3A.One-Legged Cable Kickback

See Exercise Notes

3 rounds10 reps0s
3B.Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift
3 rounds15 reps60s

Circuit #4 - 3 rounds

Rest 60s between rounds

4A.Glute Bridge
3 rounds10 reps0s
4B.Single Leg Hip Bridge
3 rounds5 reps60s

Date Created: 6/4/2018, UTC

Last Updated: 6/4/2021, UTC

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