Tricep Workouts: 15 Min Workout With Scott Herman

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By Chris Davis

Experience Intermediate (2-3 years)
Time 36 minutes/day

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Tricep Workouts focus on your arms, especially working your triceps muscles. Tricep workouts also utilize the two surrounding muscle regions, your shoulders and forearms. Tricep Workouts require that you push yourself, but make sure not to use your body weight improperly.

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Do 3 sets of each exercise. 8 reps of each exercise per set. On the first set, do drop sets. This means that when you’re done with the normal set, find smaller weights and continue to lift 6-8 reps. Continue to find lower weights, drop them down, do another 10-15 reps.

1.Triceps Overhead Extension with Rope

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3 sets8 reps60s
2.Barbell Lying Triceps Extension (Skullcrusher)
3 sets8 reps60s
3.Cable Bent-over Triceps Extension (with rope attachment)
3 sets8 reps60s

Circuit #4 - 3 rounds

Rest 60s between rounds

4A.Reverse-Grip Pulldown
3 rounds8 reps0s
4B.Cable Triceps Pressdown
3 rounds8 reps60s
5.Cable Triceps Pressdown

See Exercise Notes

1 set1 reps60s

Date Created: 12/14/2019, UTC

Last Updated: 9/12/2020, UTC

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