Unilateral Full Body Dumbbell Workout

AuthorSuman Roy
GendersFemale, Male
ExperienceIntermediate (2-3 years)
Time86 minutes
Workout TypeFull Body
Days per week1 days
Average Exertion8
Average Cardio Intensity4
GoalsBuild Muscle, Fat Loss, Gain Strength

This workout emphasizes unilateral work to ensure you don't have any imbalances while you burn fat and retain muscle. In today's fitness culture, barbell work is extremely common. Barbell exercises are great as they typically emphasize multiple muscle groups with a heavy weight, but they don't allow you to address imbalances between the two sides of your body. With unilateral exercises, that problem is addressed. By isolating the two sides of your body from each other, you can see if one side is

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Workout Overview

Week 1
Day 1:
Focus: Biceps, Chest, Hamstrings...
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:
Day 6:
Day 7:

Week 1

1A. One Leg Dumbbell Squat (AKA Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat)4 - 6 sets8 reps120s
1B. Alternate Dumbbell Bench Press (low start)4 - 6 sets6 - 8 reps120s
1C. One-Arm Bent-Over Dumbbell Row4 - 6 sets10 - 12 reps120s
1D. Single-arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press4 - 6 sets6 - 8 reps120s
1E. One-Arm One-Leg Dumbbell Deadlift4 - 6 sets6 - 8 reps120s
1F. Lying Single Dumbbell Extension4 - 6 sets10 - 12 reps120s
1G. Alternating Incline Dumbbell Biceps Curl4 - 6 sets10 - 12 reps120s
Date Created: 11/27/18, 6:48 AM

Last Updated: 5/20/20, 2:21 AM