15 Minute Abs Workout : Vicky Justiz


Chris Davis


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Beginner (1-2 years)


35 minutes

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Build Muscle, Tone Body

This 15 Minute Abs Workout shows you how to quickly work your abs. Bikini Fitness Model Vicky Justiz shows you how to get sexy abs in 15 minutes. Throughout the workout video, Vicky Justiz focuses on really squeezing her abs. Squeezing the body part you want to tone makes sure that you’re training the right area

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Week 1

Squeezing your abs is the secret behind getting sexy abs fast. It allows you to be efficient, by focusing on the right body part. It’s easy to do an abs workout where you use your bodyweight to do most of the action. Instead, you want to focus on squeezing your abs. This will tone the right area:

Since 15 minutes to do abs is a short time, you must focus on squeezing to get the job done. If you don’t squeeze the area you’re working, it’s likely to be a less effective abs workout.

1A. Crunches1 setAMAP reps60s
1B. Side Crunch1 setAMAP reps60s
1C. Crunches1 setAMAP reps60s
1D. Side Crunch1 setAMAP reps60s
1E. Crunches1 setAMAP reps60s
Squeeze abs at the top of the rep
1F. V-up1 setAMAP reps60s
1G. Crunches1 setAMAP reps60s
1H. Toe Touchers1 setAMAP reps60s
1I. Side Crunch1 setAMAP reps60s
1J. Crunches1 setAMAP reps60s
Squeeze abs at the top of the rep
1K. Crunches1 setAMAP reps60s

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