Amazing Abs Workout: Get Sexy Bikini Abs


Chris Davis


Female, Male


Beginner (1-2 years)


20 minutes

Workout Type

Muscle Focus

Days per week

1 day

Average Exertion


Average Cardio Intensity



Bodyweight, Dumbbell


Fat Loss, Gain Strength, Tone Body

The Amazing Abs Workout uses a lot of planks exercises to work your abs. By squeezing your abs in while contracting your core, you tone your abs. This abs workout uses mostly planks, but finishes off with raises and crunches. Keep pushing yourself throughout the abs workout. Get sexy bikini abs by doing the “Amazing Abs” workout 5 times a week.

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Week 1

Amazing Abs Workout

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The Amazing Abs workout is just 10 exercises that you need for a great body. This workout is sure to make your abs burn:

1A. Lying Knee Raise (on floor)1 set20 reps60s
1B. Side Plank with Torso Rotation1 set20 reps60s
1C. Mountain Climber1 set20 reps60s
1D. Plank Jacks1 set20 reps60s
1E. V-up1 set20 reps60s
1F. Triceps Plank Extension1 set20 reps60s
1G. Burpee (Advanced)1 set20 reps60s
1H. Butt Lift (Bridge)1 set30 - 40 reps60s
1I. Lying Knee Raise (on floor)1 set30 reps60s
1J. Crunches1 set40 reps60s

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