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Jonestown Sprint Workout

By Chris Davis

Intermediate (2-3 years)
7 minutes/day
Good for
Fat Loss, Increase Stamina, Tone Body
45 Degree Leg Press Machine, Barbell, Pull up bar
Average Cardio Intensity
Average Exertion

The Jonestown Sprint is a fat-burning cardio workout. It’s used as part of celebrity workouts, including the Gerard Butler Workout, Henry Cavill Superman Workout and the Ben Affleck Batman Workout. The idea is to use plyometric exercises to create a better body. The result is a total-body, cardio workout that shreds fat. The Jonestown Sprint is a fat burning, circuit workout.

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Jonestown Sprint

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So, you do 20 Push Press, 20 Burpee / Pull Ups combo. Then, 10 Push Press and 10 Burpee/Pull-up combo’s after that.

Repeat the Jonestown Sprint 2-3 times.

Barbell Push Press demonstrationPlay Barbell Push Press demonstration
2 sets, 20, 10 reps, (rest 0s)
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Burpee Pull-Up demonstrationPlay Burpee Pull-Up demonstration
2 sets, 20, 10 reps, (rest 0s)
After you've completed the sprint, take a rest and repeat 2-3 times.
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Date Created: 12/18/2019, EST

Last Updated: 12/18/2019, EST

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