Cardio Workout: 12 Minute Core and Cardio Focus


Chris Davis


Female, Male


Beginner (1-2 years)


20 minutes

Workout Type

Full Body

Days per week

1 day

Average Exertion


Average Cardio Intensity





Fat Loss, Gain Strength, Increase Stamina, Tone Body

Cardio workouts with lots of calisthenics are a great way to tone your body and burn body fat. The 12 Minute Cardio Workout packs a lot of exercises into a small amount of time. This makes sure that you workout fast. Cardio workouts are most effective when you workout briskly, with little to no rest between intervals.

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Week 1

12 minute Core and Cardio

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Aim for doing 24 rounds of 25 second exercises. There is 5 seconds of rest between intervals. But, this is really just enough time to get into the next exercise. If you are a beginner, you can add more than 5 seconds of rest. Try to minimize the amount of rest between sets to keep your heart rate up. Use this cardio workout as a warm up, or your entire workout.

1A. Squat Jumps In 'n' Out6 sets25s5s
Time between exercises: 5s
1B. Bicycle Crunch6 sets25s5s
Time between exercises: 5s
1C. Crab Toe Touch6 sets25s5s
Time between exercises: 5s
1D. Isometric-Explosive Bodyweight Jump Squat6 sets25s5s

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