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Fullbody Home Workout: Build Muscle With Limited Equipment

By Steve Shaw

Beginner (1-2 years)
91 minutes/day | 3 days/week | 1 weeks
Good for
Women's Bodybuilding, Men's Bodybuilding, Women's Build Muscle, Men's Build Muscle, Women's Gain Strength, Men's Gain Strength
Backpack, Bench, Bodyweight, Dumbbell, Other

I receive quite a number of questions each month regarding how to build muscle at home using limited equipment. Because of this, I decided to build a sample workout and guide.

Let me start off by stating the obvious: muscle building requires you to get a lot stronger than you currently are. It doesn’t matter what equipment you have, as long as that equipment is challenging enough to allow for progressive resistance.

I will start off with an assumption: that you have access to the following pieces of equipment:

  • Dumbbells – A set of adjustable dumbbells.
  • Pull Up Bar – A pull up bar that either hangs on the back of a door, or in the door jamb.
  • Chairs – 2 sturdy folding, or dinner chairs.
  • Stairs – A set of stairs, or an aerobics step – something that is sturdy and allows you to step up onto it.
  • Back Pack – A sturdy back pack.
  • 50 Pound Bag of Softener Salt – Yes, you read that correctly – a 50 pound bag of water softener salt.

Now, if you don’t have any of these items then I suggest you get them. They are inexpensive and will help you quite a bit. A pull ups bar can be purchased at Wal-mart or Target for a few dollars, and a 50 pound bag of softener salt should run you no more than $10.

I also suggest than if you don’t have “spin lock” dumbbell handles, that you pick a pair up. These can be purchased virtually anywhere, and are cost-effective as well.

Over time you will want to start purchasing more 10 pound plates for these dumbbell handles. If you are using a limited budget, search around on Craig’s List. You can often find plates being sold for pennies on the dollar.

What if I can’t afford this minimum level of equipment?

If you don’t have dumbbells with “some” weight, then it’s going to be extremely difficult to build muscle. Find a way to secure some spin lock dumbbell handles, by hook or by crook. Sell something – DVDs, old video games, etc. Find a way! You need some resistance to build muscle.

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Date Created: 8/24/2020, UTC

Last Updated: 4/18/2021, UTC

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