Six Minute Fat Burning Circuit Workout

AuthorChris Davis
GendersFemale, Male
ExperienceBeginner (1-2 years)
Time10 minutes
Workout TypeFull Body
Days per week1 days
Average Exertion7
Average Cardio Intensity4
EquipmentBodyweight, Dumbbell
GoalsFat Loss, Gain Strength, Increase Stamina, Lose Weight, Tone Body

This popular, six-minute fat burning circuit workout is geared to those that want to workout at home, or at the gym. It works your arms, core, chest, triceps, glutes, hamstrings and quads. Doing it for 2 rounds, gives you a great, 12 minute workout.

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Workout Overview

Week 1
Day 1:
Fat Burning Circuit Workout
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:
Day 6:
Day 7:

Week 1

Fat Burning Circuit Workout

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Try to get all this done in under 6 minutes. Then, take a 1 minute rest in between rounds.

1A. Reverse Lunge to Single-leg Kickback1 set6 reps60s
1B. Star Jump1 set6 reps60s
1C. Push Up with Knee Drive1 set6 reps60s
1D. Hanging Leg Raise1 set6 reps60s
Date Created: 12/27/19, 5:12 AM

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