Home Leg Workouts: Using a Chair and Free Weight

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By Chris Davis

Experience Advanced (3+ years)
Time 20 minutes/day
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Home Leg workouts can be done with simply a chair and an optional free weight or sandbag. Strong legs keep you healthy and injury free. This workout is designed to increase the lean muscle of your legs. Lean muscle helps you burn calories. Simply the more lean muscle you have, the more it burns calories. Lean muscle helps athletes perform faster, whether its sprinting faster, jumping higher, or changing directions.

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Do at least 2-3 sets when starting out, but aim for 7 total rounds once you are fit and ready to do so.

Go for 50 seconds each rep, and rest for 10 secs between exercises.

Follow the video for a workout companion

1.Lateral Stepover

See Exercise Notes

2-3 s50s10s

Circuit #2 - 50 s

Rest 0s between rounds

2A.Low Lateral Lunge

See Exercise Notes

50 s2 reps0s
2B.Barbell Clean and Press
50 s1 reps0s
3.Lateral Shuffle
2-3 s50s10s
4.Bodyweight Squat
2-3 s50s10s

Date Created: 1/1/2020, UTC

Last Updated: 5/21/2021, UTC

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