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Mega Workout

By Stephen Teeter's

Intermediate (2-3 years)
58 minutes/day | 5 days/week | 3 weeks
Good for
Women's Bodybuilding, Men's Bodybuilding, Women's Build Muscle, Men's Build Muscle, Women's Gain Strength, Men's Gain Strength, Women's Powerbuilding, Men's Powerbuilding
Barbell, Cable, Dips Bar, Dumbbell, EZ Bar, Machine, Other

This mega workout is one of many I use to help build muscle and strength. If you are a hard gainer or need new workout ideas hopefully this will help. This is suitable for men and women and all fitness levels, pick weights that will challenge you and also progressively increase the weight each set (when needed).

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Week 1

Date Created: 3/22/2021, UTC

Last Updated: 3/22/2021, UTC

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