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Basic Conditioning - V1.0

By Chris Stone

Beginner (1-2 years)
44 minutes/day | 5 days/week | 4 weeks
Good for
Women's Build Muscle, Men's Build Muscle, Women's Fat Loss, Men's Fat Loss, Women's Gain Strength, Men's Gain Strength,
Barbell, Bench, Bodyweight, Cable, Dips Bar, Dumbbell, Exercise Ball, Kettlebell, Other, Pull up bar

 The basic conditioning series has been designed to cater for those who have a limited range of equipment. All exercises will be based on cardio kit, dumbbells, pulleys, kettlebells, exercise balls and bodyweight. Each conditioining program involves 4 weeks of training at 5 sessions per week. The sessions are all full body workouts as they have been found to be most effective for maximal strength gain. Each session will start with a compound lower body exercise before moving into an upper body compound, a bodyweight exercise and then either some brief cardio or stretching. You're required to complete a fairly high rep range for many of the exercises - the reason for this is to allow to learn the movement patterns through high repetition. This program will lay the foundation for developing strength and endurance. Once you have completed the 4 week program, you can then move onto Basic Conditioining - V2.0. If you feel you need more time with this program, by all means you can repeat the program for a few more weeks. 

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Week 1

Date Created: 4/14/2019, UTC

Last Updated: 4/18/2021, UTC

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